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360Hexa is a software that creates a 360º media content and provides a VR environment.
Web browser based editor for attaching 3D objects, text or images.
No plug-in are required, all you need is a web browser.
Through link sharing, you can tour a VR space through a computer or smart phone anytime and anywhere, and construct a 360ºVR home tour such as Cyber ​​Model House to maximize user’s interest.
Content can be linked by hypherlink. That is simple to share to friends in messager or publish onto social media.

360Hexa Features

Easy to use

Configuration will be automatically done after you upload a 360º image.

Easy to share

Share the content via a hypherlink.

Insert 3D OBJ

Attach 3D object into the virtual space.

Favorability analysis

User's interest analytics will be provided after it's being viewed.

Free Users
  • 1 project
  • 200MB of storage
  • 10 projects
  • 8 GB of storage space
  • * days count after the first payment
  • * $100 per year after the first year
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